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Do you have unclaimed security deposits? Uncashed payroll checks? Unredeemed gift cards? Untouched safe deposit boxes? Dormant bank accounts? Search for Unclaimed Assets!

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The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) is a resource on unclaimed property and helps rightful owners find and re-claim their property.

FDIC Unclaimed Funds are available to individuals who deposited to a financial institution that is now closed, and did not receive repayment of insured deposits and remaining assets. Find out if you are entitled to repayment here!

Treasury Hunt is a database that can help you find bonds in your name that you haven't received in the mail, and bonds in your name that are no longer earning interest and should be cashed or re-invested so your money can start working for you again.

Undeliverable Tax Refund Checks may be in your name! Search the IRS database to find out if you are entitled to a refund!

| Billions of dollars in unclaimed assets are available to be returned to rightful owners!

Your Money Could Be Hiding in…

Old Savings or Checking Accounts
Untouched Stocks
Uncashed Dividends or Payroll Checks
Uncashed Traveler’s Checks
Unredeemed Money Orders or Gift Certificates
Life Insurance Policies