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You Could Find Benefits for Children in Your Care!
There is Government Money Available to Assist in Child Care and Support.

| Nutrition, Education, and Wellness

Child Nutrition Programs (CNP) provide free and reduced price meals in schools and other participating institutions. Find out if you are eligible for their programs!

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| Adoption and Foster Care

Adoption Subsidies provide financial help and services for adopted and foster children with physical, mental and developmental disabilities. Each state provides different programs and each state has its own definition of "special needs" to identify children eligible for adoption assistance. Find information on each state's programs and eligibility requirements.

Tax Credits are available for expenses paid to adopt an eligible child and exclusion from income for employer-provided adoption assistance. The maximum amount (dollar limit) for 2020 was $14,300 per child.

The Child Support Enforcement Program (CSE) provides services to locate absent parents, establish paternity, and enforce support obligations. Each state has a different CSE agency. This website helps you locate the agency for the state where you live.